Do You Have Less Than Perfect Credit?



What exactly does your Home Buying Program do?

We make it possible for you to purchase a newly remodeled home, even if you can't currently qualify for a mortgage because of your less than perfect credit. As part of our 10 Step Home Buying Program, participants will receive professional assistance on topics such as:

  • How much home can you afford,
  • Identifying the right type of home to purchase,
  • Custom remodeling your new home,
  • What to expect during the home buying process,
  • How to restore your credit, 
  • How to obtain suitable home mortgage financing,
  • and much, much more....


How does your Home Buying Program work?

Although anyone can participate in our home buying program, it’s important to point out that our program is popular among people who have enough funds for a substantial down payment, but do not qualify for a traditional home mortgage. While you are in the program our goal is to assist you with getting your credit cleaned up (if necessary) plus get you 100% financing when you are ready to buy.


In what areas are your homes located?

Most of our homes are located in the Greater Milwaukee area. If there is an area outside of the city of Milwaukee that you are particularly interested in, please let us know where and we may be able to help you find it!


How do I know if I can participate in your Home Buying Program?

You can participate in our program if you meet the following basic criteria:

1.) You must attend and complete one of our FREE 90/minute Home Buying Workshops for People w/Credit Issues.

2.) You must be able to provide proof that you can afford a monthly rental amount of no less than $800 per month,

3.) You cannot have any recent bankruptcies that are less than 2/years old or any foreclosures that are less than 3/years old at the time of your purchase, and

4.) You must demonstrate proof of funds of a substantial down payment.


How much is a substantial down payment?

In most cases your down payment is between $3,000 and $5,000. If you don’t have that amount of money in savings then keep in mind that you can borrow it from your 401K, parents, family or friends.


Do you have any homes that I can just rent?

No, our homes are never “rentals".


How can I ensure that my credit improves enough to obtain a mortgage?

Although we cannot offer any promises each participant will be referred to an accredited credit counselor, who will identify issues that are responsible for bringing his/her FICO (Fair Isaac Corporation) credit score down. We will then work with you on ways to raise your credit score, for some participants this may take a longer period of time.


How can I view a list of your available homes?

Once a participant’s financial situation has been evaluated, only then will we make arrangements for us to show you a list of homes available sale.


Can I choose my own home?



Can I have a dog or cat?

Yes. It will be your house so you can have dogs or cats, or any other pet you like.


How many years have we been helping people buy homes?

We have been committed to real estate throughout the community for more than 10 years.


How do I get started?

The first step for the Helping People Buy Housing Program is to schedule a 1-on-1 presentation appointment. During this 30/minute appointment we will present to you a complete overview of our home buying process for people with less than perfect credit. This comprehensive presentation is a requirement for all participants who want to access our housing services.

To schedule a presentation appointment call:


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