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Welcome to the Helping People Buy Program Investment Club. The current real estate market has presented some highly-documented challenges to our economy. With the recent downturn in the housing market everyone was suddenly at risks and so were their investments. What has not been well documented is the unprecedented wealth building opportunities in real estate. Let us share with you how our Investment Club can help you generate high-yielding returns for our investors with real estate.

Most people are unaware that renting and/or selling properties to good hard working families can yield high returns. The chief reason for reluctance is the process seems too complicated and unmanageable. It is not the Investment Club’s objective to compete with other forms of investments.  Our mission is to assist the novice or seasoned investor with meeting or exceeding their investment goals by participating in one of our country’s and the world’s most profitable industries—real estate.

As part of the Investment Club’s comprehensive services we will assist you with building a strategy specifically for building wealth through real estate investments. The benefits you’ll receive for allowing us to help you real estate investment goals include:

  • Locating, renting, and selling quality properties in the best real estate investment areas.
  • True analysis of investment properties from a proven investment specialist.
  • Due diligence services throughout your entire investment term.
  • Neighborhood-specific experts for renovating and managing investment properties.
  • High-yielding investments, secured by real estate with a fully-customized wealth building investment strategy.
  • Satisfaction of knowing you helped put deserving families in houses they can afford.

To get started, fill out the form below or simply call Pierre Phillips directly @ (414)-394-3020 to schedule an appointment.

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